Customer service is a success factor you shouldn’t overlook. Poor services might cause customers to choose a competitor. You’ll need to boost your effort when it comes to keeping a customer satisfied whenever they browse your eCommerce website. Their experience while navigating your pages, payment, shipping, and support will influence the way they perceive your brand, whether it’s in a negative or positive light.

Do you know how to improve customer service? These are some of the best practices you can implement.


Get Feedback

You need to gain insights about your customers. One way to achieve this goal is to ask for feedback and reviews. Accept both positive and negative feedback because both provide you with an honest assessment. You’ll learn more about your company’s best and worst traits. This allows you to identify which areas need more improvement and how you should make changes. Reviews allow you to improve customer service.


Provide Options

Website visitors want access to multiple contact points when browsing. They might need additional information about the products and services you offer. Provide live chat support for extra queries they might need to ask. They might have more questions that a chatbot can’t answer. Have a human representative to respond to complex inquiries. You can also include other contact information like a phone number, form, email address, and social media profiles. This makes it convenient for customers to reach out to you when they ask questions and provide feedback.


Improve Site Searchability

Some users might not have the patience to visit your product pages. Give them an option to search for specific items using keywords. A search box improves your online store and increases the chances of converting a visitor. Make the box easily identifiable on a page.


Be Informative

To improve customer service, you want to provide as much information as possible to customers. Describe the products and services in detail such as its benefits and main features. Mention if the final price includes shipping and if you offer discounts for specific items. Provide links to return policies and warranties. Link to customer support and add contact details for customers who want to connect with your company. Unsatisfied customers are inevitable for any brand. However, do your part in providing all the details they might need.


Follow Up after a Purchase

You want to be the top-of-mind choice of your target market in your niche market. One way to achieve this goal is to follow up after they shop from your eCommerce site. After a user makes a purchase, send promotional materials to entice them to buy again even at a later date. Send discounts, promo codes, and recommend bundles that complement their initial purchase. Consider offering freebies to entice them to make another purchase. To be able to do this, ask for a customer’s email and permission to accept promotional materials. This strategy also shows you want to retain them as a regular consumer.


Follow Up after a Solved Problem

Follow up whenever you solve a customer’s problem to improve customer service. This shows that you care about them and their business is important to you. Ask about the status of their query and if you have resolved it. They might need additional services and solutions. Be ready to provide these if necessary and if it’s within your company’s area of expertise. You can send a follow up email or let them fill out a feedback form. This improves your company’s branding and makes a good impression on current and future customers.


Consider Free Shipping

Users want to get the best possible deal and value for their money. You can make this impression on them when you offer free shipping. This allows them to save money and possibly purchase more items when they shop. Products that include shipping increase the possibility of converting a website visitor.


Smooth Checkout Process

When a user has added all the products they want to their cart, they don’t want to encounter problems during the checkout process. Slow load times, clutter, and limited payment options might cause them to abandon their cart. This results in a lost opportunity to make a profit. Simplify the process and offer multiple payment options for your customers. Use white space to highlight the details of their purchase such as the items they want to buy, price, possible discounts, and other information. Secure the process with encryptions to prevent loss and theft of financial information.


Listen to Customers

When you actively listen to customers, you’ll be able to connect with them and solve their pain points effectively. Train your customer support team to clarify and rephrase conversations with customers. Doing so enables them to understand the person they’re talking to. Allow a customer to finish before talking or providing a solution. Teach your staff to show empathy whenever they listen to a phone call and when they respond to emails and live chats.


Availability is Important

Show your customers you’re easy to reach to improve customer service. One of the problems that a customer experiences when dealing with brands is that they cannot reach them. Phone lines are always busy, it takes days or weeks to receive a reply to an email, no one replies in a live chat, and other similar problems. Have a team ready to respond to complaints, feedback, calls, emails, and instant messages. This boosts brand perception and shows you care about your customers. This approach builds trust between you and your target audience.


Make Your Website User-Friendly

Improve your website to make it easier for users to navigate and browse. Remove clutter on your pages without sacrificing the quality of the content you publish. Create calls-to-action that are easy to identify so that you can direct a user towards an action you want them to take. Make sure buttons and links are working.


Implement these tips to improve customer service. This allows you to create a positive brand image and build your reputation in your niche. If you need help with accounting and bookkeeping, we at Robookkeeper can assist you. We provide first-rate small business accounting services. Our team of experienced accountants can update your accounting books while you improve your customer service.


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