Small businesses need a customer base that allows them to maintain operations and remain profitable. They must attract new customers to keep their business going, reach their sales targets, and for their company to grow.


Follow these tips on how to get new customers for a small business.


Get Referrals

Ask for referrals from your brand’s loyal consumers. Word-of-mouth promotion is still valuable despite many marketing platforms. People trust others they know more compared to a sales pitch. Incentivise each referral you get from old customers. Provide promotional codes and exclusive offers for every successful referral. Create a system that seeks and monitors referrals so that you can improve your approach.


Provide Discounts and Promotions

Offer exclusive discounts, promotions and items for website visitors or walk-in customers. This incentivises them into making a purchase or at least signing-up for your mailing list. Calculate your small business budget and determine the extent of your promotion. If you can afford to drop prices, do so to increase your customer base. Deals make potential new customers think about giving your brand a try.


Join Events in Your Community

One of the steps on how to get new customers for a small business includes participating in community events. This provides you with opportunities that show you care about your neighbourhood and are not solely in it for profit. This shows your company’s values beyond making money. Events such as toy drives, fun runs, donations for scholarships, feeding programs and others improve your reputation.


Advertise Expertise

Generate interest around your brand by advertising your company’s expertise. Webinars, podcasts, industry panels, workshops and others give you a chance to impress customers. These events build your reputation as an industry expert. A solid reputation increases the possibility of converting visitors.


Form Partnerships

Collaboration works; it allows you to fill gaps in expertise and needs in your supply chain and business processes. It also provides you an opportunity to broaden your customer base by tapping into the market of your new business partner.


Leverage Review Sites and Forums

Before making a purchase, potential customers want to know if the brand they chose delivers on its promises. They want to read unbiased opinions about products and services. Monitor the ratings of your company in review sites. Address the problems raises and reply to comments. This connects you with your target customers and allows you to build a reputation as a responsive company.


Implement these tips to attract new customers and solidify your position in your niche. If you need assistance with bookkeeping, you can contact us at Robookkeeper. Send us an email via [email protected] or you can review our affordable bookkeeping services for small business owners.


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