Your website’s conversion rate is one key indicator of its success and the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Experts agree that a conversion rate of 2% is good for any niche. However, many websites (and yours might be one of them) fall way below that mark at 0.1% or 0.2%. It’s vital to the success (or just survival) of your company to boost your conversion rate. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Many company websites use similar strategies to improve their conversion rates. 

How do you boost your conversion rate? 


Reduce Form Fields 

A potential customer wants to get through your pages quickly to find what they need. Too many fields in a form might turn them off and lead to closing the page tab your site is on. Keep the form fields to the essentials to boost your conversion rate. Ask for the details necessary to your objectives when you make the forms. This can include the email address, name, and basic contact information. Simplify your forms so that a user can accomplish them quickly. 


Integrate a Live Chat Option 

A user might need just a little bit more convincing to finish their order. They might have a few questions that can nudge them to buy. This is when a live chat option improves your checkout process. A person answering queries boosts your chances of conversion compared to a chatbot. Have a support team ready and waiting to respond to users that use your live chat. Train your team to mention the benefits and key features of products. Allow them to offer discounts or product bundles to close the sale. 


Use a Countdown 

You can boost your conversion rate when you integrate a countdown timer on your pages. This creates a sense of urgency and elicits the “fear of missing out” feelings of a potential customer. These feelings make them want to finish their purchase as soon as possible. Combine the timer with a limited offer prompt (or copy related to it) to further increase your conversion rate. 


Highlight Testimonials and Reviews 

Website testimonials provide plenty of benefits to online stores. A review goes a long way into convincing a user to choose your products or services. Feature positive reviews prominently on product pages. This eases the doubts that a potential customer might have about the item they intend to purchase. Consider using star ratings for each product. This allows you to also include low ratings that customers gave you. If an item is perfect with 5 stars all the time, a user might doubt the authenticity of your products. 


Improve Your CTA 

Brainstorm with your content team to improve the copy of your call-to-action (CTA). A strong CTA that’s more attention grabbing than the generic ‘sign-up today’ can improve your conversion rate. Use action words and like the countdown timer elicit the sense of urgency to purchase in a user. Consider using the phrase ‘Yes, I need/want/can’t miss out on <insert your offer here>’. Highlight the CTA that you want a user to take using a bright colour. 


Eliminate Page Distractions 

A website that has no clear call-to-action, disjointed links to irrelevant pages, poor product descriptions, and too much clutter will distract users. It also leaves a negative impression of your brand on them. Eliminate these distractions to boost your conversion rate. Keep your pages simple, easy to navigate, and direct to the point. Create an attention-grabbing heading and subheading. These should encapsulate the idea of the content you publish. Focus on the advantages of the products and services you offer. Highlight the positive feedback your customers gave you. 


Include a Pop-up 

Entice a visitor to sign up or download content to showcase your authority about a specific topic. Achieve this objective by adding a pop-up. Make this pop-up something that a visitor might want to click on and consume. Include a downloadable white paper, study about a topic that your audience is interested in, and codes for discounts or freebies. Use a delay timer before the pop-up appears so that it’s not intrusive to the experience of browsing your landing page. Use cookies so that a pop-up only shows up once per visitor. 


Make an Offer 

The value you give website users will trump any strategy or gimmick you implement. Make your products and services appealing to your target audience. Experiment with various offers to determine which one connects with your potential customers the most. Use limited offer discounts and promotions such as half-price items for 24 hours, exclusive access to complementary products if they buy now, and other similar strategies. These can entice a user to complete their purchase and recommend your online shop. These can also create value for your brand and make you a top-of-mind choice for your intended audience. 


Simplify Your First Step 

The faster a user accomplishes something the likelier they are to be decisive. Apply this same principle when you make an offer to your target customers. Make it easy to purchase an item and sign up for your newsletter or contest. Consider asking for basic contact information first (or just an email address) instead of a form that contains multiple fields a user has to fill out. 


Use a Catchy Headline 

The headline is the first thing a user will see when they glance at your landing page. A user will likely not read the rest of the content if they find the headline boring. Make this count and create a headline that immediately grabs the attention of visitors. 


Money-Back Option 

Before a customer commits, they want to be sure they get good value in return. Offer a money-back option to alleviate their worries. Let them try the product first to see if it’s what they’re looking for. If they have a negative experience, they can get a refund. If they have a positive experience, they might recommend your products or services to people in their networks. 


These tips can boost your conversion rate when you implement them. A higher conversion rate can also increase the profits you generate. We at Robookkeeper can assist you keep your accounting books updated while you focus on improving your website and conversion rate. Our team of experts can identify and correct mistakes in your books. We can also offer other small business accounting services. 


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