Customer service is often a deal breaker for many people whenever they choose a brand. Their experience with your online support team can either have a positive or negative effect on their perception of your company. A handful of bad experiences can spread quickly and limit the growth opportunities of your small business. That’s why communication is important; it’s one of the pillars of first-rate customer service that distinguishes top performing businesses from the rest. Communicating with your customers creates rapport with them and can develop a long-term business relationship.


These are some of the ways to improve communication.


Concentrate on the Experience

Several other small businesses are targeting the same customers as you. The latter has many choices when it comes to reaching out to their preferred store. Customer experience is a difference maker when it comes to positioning and market share. Focus on providing your intended audience with first-rate experience throughout their buyer’s journey. Maintain first-rate customer service by using a single platform across your communication lines. This omni-channel approach makes it easier for your team to communicate with each other and convey a singular message to a customer. Your team can have a templated response and solution to similar queries and problems.


Real-Time Support

Many customers lack the patience to wait for days or even hours to a response. They would immediately turn to one of your competitors if they believe the latter can provide them with an answer or solution quickly. One of the ways to improve communication is by using live chat. A live agent reduces the need for support tickets that take long to complete, enables your team and the customer to have a proactive conversation, and provides customers with a faster resolution and answer.


Cobrowse with Customers

Cobrowsing is a communication option that works. It is a highly interactive way to solve a problem of a customer. Your agent sees what a customer browses; this approach allows them to find a customized solution and help a customer do things on their own. With this, an agent can also provide in-depth assistance and more details. Some of the benefits of cobrowsing include: solve possible technical issues that a customer experiences, simplify processes and filling out forms, and reduce uncertainty when purchasing.


Provide Self-Service Options

Offering customers with a self-service option has become a must for doing business online. Some customers don’t have the time to interact with an agent and want a quick answer. Some of the self-service options you can provide are a separate FAQ page, how-to content whether articles or videos, discussion forums or threads in your social media accounts, and a knowledge base. These allow your customers to find answers to their questions without chatting or speaking with an agent.


Use Video Chat

Video chat has made it easier for small businesses to engage and communicate with their customers. Your team can demonstrate the features of a product through a video chat. They can explain how your product works and possible benefits a customer might overlook. They can also respond to questions quickly. They can personalise the solution they offer, improve conversion rate, and reduce handling time.


These are tips and ways to improve communication with your customers online. Implement these to develop a good business relationship with your target market. Customer service is one of the deciding factors of a potential customer. Do well in it and you will get better conversion rates. If you need help with your bookkeeping tasks, we at Robookkeeper can assist you. We offer affordable bookkeeping services for small business owners.



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