The benefits of outsourcing have yielded results for companies of all sizes. That’s why many have implemented this strategy whether on a short or long-term basis. You might be looking for an outsourced service provider that addresses your pain points. You’ll have plenty of options. However, not all of them will give you first-rate output and services. You will have to filter the companies on your shortlist so that you hire the ideal one that meets your needs and standards.


What are the services you can expect from an outsourcing partner?


Bookkeeping and Accounting

One of the benefits of outsourcing is that it allows you to delegate tasks such as accounting and bookkeeping to a team of experts. You’ll need error-free accounting books whenever you need to make financial decisions such as budget allocation, implementation of sales and marketing campaigns, payroll, payment to suppliers, and others. Mistakes in your books might lead to a distorted financial position wherein you think you have enough cash to address all the needs of your company, but you don’t have enough funds. This puts your business in a difficult situation. An outsourced service provider can keep your books updated while your in-house employees focus on their expertise.  


Tax Compliance and Planning

Companies need to comply with tax rules and regulations. Non-compliance will lead to penalties, possible loss of incentives or benefits, hefty fines, and others. Tax laws might change and delays in following them might cause problems. One of the benefits of outsourcing is that you can outsource compliance to a third-party accounting firm. Your outsourced partners can do your tax planning for you. They can identify possible deductions and incentives you can get so that you can pay less taxes. They can keep abreast of the latest amendments to tax laws and regulations. This enables your company to comply with them and avoid possible penalties. Choose an outsourced service provider that is familiar with the tax regulations of your location.


Financial Analysis and Reporting

Your financial statements and reports are important sources of information whenever you make a business decision. These documents need to have updated data so that you can make a strategic choice that benefits your company. Your outsourcing partner can assist you in creating financial reports and statements. They can also provide you with insights and analysis whenever you might need them. Their input offers you a different perspective into the financial situation of your company. These varying views allow you to make an informed decision about which direction your business can take and the campaigns you should launch to achieve your sales targets.


Cash Flow Management

The way you manage your company’s cash flow will be a determining factor for the success or failure of your business. If your organisation is suffering from poor cash flow, you’ll have a difficult time allocating your resources to profitable endeavours. You might miss out on opportunities or lose your competitive advantage because of mishandled finances. One of the benefits of outsourcing is that you can reach out to an outsourced accounting firm to assist you. An outsourced team can keep your accounting records updated so that you’ll know if you need to implement measures that improve your cash flow. They can perform bank reconciliation, process payroll and accounts receivable, and/or provide you with cash flow forecasts. Your collaboration with them enables you to maintain a positive cash flow.


Processing of Payroll

Payroll processing makes sure that your staff gets their salaries on time with no incorrect deductions. You can have your own accounting team to do this for you. However, in-house accountants come with a hefty price tag. Outsourcing to a third-party service provider is a cost-effective choice for growing companies. They can process your payroll and accomplish it efficiently. They can calculate the salaries of your employees effectively, deduct withholding tax properly, and comply with local laws. They make sure there are no mistakes in your payroll. They can even improve your processes so that you save more money.


Set Up of Accounting Technology

An outsourced service provider knows about the latest trends in accounting technology. They can make suggestions on how you can improve your systems using accounting tools and software. They can assist your team in setting up a system that enables you to automate certain accounting and bookkeeping tasks, integrate software like Xero, and optimise your processes to improve efficiency. They can set up a cloud-based platform and tool which your designated employees can access. They can acquire financial documents and review data they need to create a budget for their campaigns and projects. A cloud-based system is accessible regardless of location and time zone.


Audit Support

One of the benefits of outsourcing is that you get all the audit support you’ll need. You’ll need a partner firm that has years of experience and is familiar with various laws and compliance requirements. An outsourced service provider has the attention to detail and expertise to conduct a successful and efficient audit. They can prepare audit-compliant financial documents and assist you with the requirements you need to submit. They make sure you meet the standards and comply with laws and regulations. Auditing requires expertise and experience. Look for an outsourcing partner that can do this for you.


The services above are just a few of what an outsourced partner can do for you. Leverage the benefits of outsourcing so that you can grow your business effectively. These services can address the needs of your company whenever you need audit, accounting, and/or bookkeeping support. Hiring an in-house team can cost your business more money compared to outsourcing. Look for an outsourced service provider that’s within your budget and has the skills you need.


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